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НАУЧНАЯ БИБЛИОТЕКА - РЕФЕРАТЫ - Creation of control system by a personnel how to begin with a zero

Creation of control system by a personnel how to begin with a zero


Creation of control system by a personnel : how to begin with a zero



1. Managers are from a personnel

2. Skilled strategy


3. Basic processes which must exist in a company, from the point of view of management human capitals



PERSONNEL is a personnel, establishments, enterprises or part of this composition, being a group of for professional or to another signs.

PERSONNEL -(Personnel) - in includes itself all partners and the professional state of employees, brought over to public accountant activity of firm.

PERSONNEL OF ORGANIZATIONS- aggregate of physical persons, being with organization as legal entity in relations, by the managed contract of найма, and possessing certain by high-quality descriptions (capabilities, motivation, business and personality internalss), allowing to provide achievement of aims.

Subsystems of management a personnel :

1) Terms of labour: implementation of terms of psychology, ergonomics and technical aesthetics of labor; labor and technician of safety protection; guard of environment.

2) Labor relations: analysis and adjusting of group and personal mutual relations; relations of guidance; management conflict situations; social psychological diagnostics; co-operating of leaders is with trade unions.

3) Registrations and account of shots: registration and account of acceptance, liberation and translation; informative providing; professional orientation; providing of employment.

4) Marketing, prognostication and planning of personnel: development of strategy of management a personnel; market of labor analysis; prognostication of necessity; connection is with outsourcing of providing; estimation of personnel

5) Development of labor potential: techno-economics providing; in-plant training; work is with skilled reserve; planning of business career; adaptation of new workers

6) Stimulation of labor: setting of norms and trifling of labor; development of the system of payment and moral encouragement of labor; application of forms of participating is in an income and capital; management labor motivation

7) Grant of legal services: decision of legal questions of labor relations; legal adjusting of economic activity; a concordance of prescriptive documents is from a management a personnel

8) Creations of necessary social infrastructure: organization of public food consumption; management service; providing of the proper terms of health protection and rest and others like that.

9) Choices and application of organizational structures of management: analysis of existing and planning of most suitable for this enterprise of organizational structure management; development of manning table.

10) Most success of menage (to activity) is arrived at then, when all functional subsystems of management a personnel are concerted in time and space and used simultaneously.

Practical application of proper control system by a personnel must lean against modern conception and corresponding strategy of management. One of important implementation of chosen control system by a personnel phases there is practical realization of set of necessary to the firm categories of workers.

1. Managers are from a personnel

However, every company has specific requirements to such resource, as a personnel, and only answering these requirements, workers can provide success of company. What it depends "on what does form these requirements? Such question appears automatically. Answers enormous amount: from position of company at the market, from her stage of development, from strategy of activity, from a corporate spirit and created corporate culture and others like that. But all these factors prove that presently for the successful functioning of company very important is competent work with a personnel. Want to mark that exactly work with a personnel, but not only his selection, as yet until now counts most leaders and top-managers.

Large transnational companies already a long ago realized ponder ability of these arguments and in each there is a department which works with a personnel such company. Here already a long ago there are the individually worked out and prescribed processes which touch work of personnel and with a personnel. Managers from a personnel only control them correct implementation. But there are considerably less companies, in which the questions of personnel decide chaotically enough and often even there is not an individual which them would coordinate. What to do in such situation? Most leaders realize well, that work with a personnel can considerably increase the incomes of their firm, that is why begin to search a man which would help to work out these problems, or at presence of money at once create departments from a personnel. When does a leader make decision to create a department from a personnel or even to enter in the state the companies of one manager from a personnel, a question appears: "And from what to begin"? In my opinion, it costs to begin with the search of manager or, if it is a department, then director from a personnel.

Manager from a personnel as nobody other must divide values and visions of company. Even if these things are not prescribed and not witnessed documentarily, in every company however there are the unwritten values and strategies of development. That more workers divide them and defend, then more concerted and effective will be work of company. And as a future personnel will come in a company through a manager from a personnel, it is important, that he realized position of company clearly. In fact we want it or not a gold rule always operates: we accept to itself to work of those people which divide our perception of the world up to a point. And even trying to be maximally objective, this effect it is difficult to avoid.

Activity is inalienable part of work of manager, he must constantly be in the course of matters of company and design the activity depending on changes in the process of her development and forming of new necessities.

It is a man which knows enormous confidential information content, that is why a leader must trust a manager which works with a personnel.

There is another nuance: taking a manager from a personnel, a company can choose two ways: at first, to take a young perspective worker with minimum experience, but such man needs great while for adaptation, additional studies and on the first pores clear pointing from the side of guidance. Secondly, it is possible to take a skilled specialist what will give ideas to guidance, to create and realize skilled strategies. A leader in such case will examine and assert already the prepared charts of work with a personnel which considerably will decrease him sentinel expenses, but such specialist has a considerably higher price at the market of labour.

I led as an example now, mainly, personality descriptions of desirable candidate. Although, clear business, it costs to take into account other socialdemographic factors: age, sex, experience, special skills. But these criteria every leader determines on the discretion.

It costs to pay attention to also that, how correctly to enter position of manager from a personnel in a company. I mean not legal party businesses, but human factor, in fact exactly he from practical experience creates most misunderstanding. If company the protracted period did exist without a man which it is centralized decided skilled questions, and suddenly unexpectedly for workers a manager appears from a personnel, in all a question appears: "why"? If in time not to give correct information, then all without an exception workers will pull out supposition independently, that exactly planned guidance. In the corridors conversations, scuttle-butts and rumours, will spread. These processes are very quickly started, badly controlled and them it is almost impossible to stop. It like snow to whom or playing the broken telephone. Sufficiently to express some innocent supposition someone and to the end of day in a company a rumour will spread about the global restructuring, mass liberations and others like that. Why so? Все simply is property of our psyche, we always with fear perceive something a new, and especially, if it is accompanied by the shortage of information. At that rate we quickly fill this shortage own guess-work, and mostly calling to own fears.

What to do, to avoid it? It is needed in good time to tell to the workers, that it is planned to enter such man in the state, as a manager from a personnel, shortly to describe, for what it is done and which will be him basic functions. In the first day of work of manager it is necessary to acquaint him with all collective and once again to mark his basic promises. Access of workers to the manager from a personnel must be maximally open, certainly, depending on the structure of company. Every worker must have a right to put a question to the new specialist.

When a manager from a personnel comes in a company, he must at first to over look soil, and then undertake to business. That do I mean exactly? From own experience know that every company does not look like other - it as different countries in which all live on different laws, although they are similar on the face of it. Therefore governed and strategies of one company can be nonviable in other. Exactly for this purpose at first it costs to every manager from a personnel to understand, where he got. It is needed to understand on what stage of development company, what provision with a personnel, who before even episodically decided current skilled questions which are the primary purpose of activity of company and many other. For such sounding it costs to use different methods: from the analysis of normative and regulation documents which exist in a company, to private conversations after the cup of coffee both with leaders and with a personnel.

Yet it is extremely important for any manager from a personnel to understand the organizational structure of company (from what departments folded, who who submits, who answers for what). If such structure is not prescribed on a paper, then it and will become the first official task of new worker. In fact without her it is difficult to understand processes which take place in companies, the more so, that at every level there are nuances with which afterwards it will be to work to the manager.

It is possible to organize official diagnostics of personnel by means of the specially created questionnaire. That at once not to frighten a personnel, this questionnaire must not touch the concrete estimation of personnel, but only to diagnose moods which dominate in a company. For him it costs to bring in a question about satisfaction or dissatisfaction work in a company, thus important is both a level of hygienically and personality factors, questions which determine loyalty to the company and also necessarily suggestions in relation to the improvement of work with a personnel from a personnel. The last, by the way, is important yet and because in any case a manager from a personnel is a new man in a company and he is difficult at once to catch, and that it is exactly necessary to change, that it became better, and workers which work long time in a company can offer from own experience. Many ideas can be even very rational, that is why them it costs to make reality of. And if workers will see that their ideas, their vision guidance considers valuable and makes reality of it will promote loyalty of workers and their efficiency considerably.

Acquainting to the stage the spread of learning's of manager provides for also. Every specialist from a personnel, before to accept certain decisions, must familiarize with the specific of work and activity of company. He must understand essence of work of her specialists. For example, our company carries out transport-expeditionary activity. Certainly, I do not need to know all nuances in relation to transportation of loads, but essence of work of managers of company, most widespread difficulties and features what this activity is marked, I obliged to know. The best method for such studies - to conduct a few days in the "heart" of company. That I mean: if it is an expeditionary company, then to sit in the department of managers which carry out transportation directly, and to look after their activity, if it is a retail business - then to conduct a few days in the trading floor of shops between salespeople-consultants and others like that.

A next step will be a study of geographical location of offices of company and specific each of regions. From own experience can say, that every region has the specific and speech goes not only about East and Western Ukraine. If you have branches in the different areas of Ukraine, it follows necessarily personally to visit each of them, to put right copulas with skilled and by agencies, to associate with potential candidates, analyse the local press and other sources of search of candidates. In every region these sources can be different, and their priority will change for potential candidates. If you are interested by young specialists, then it costs to put right activity with local by towers, in an ideal to agree about short presentation of company before students. It will help to form the attractive image of company as an employer.

In addition, it does not follow to forget competitors about monitoring. Competitors can be both small local enterprises which are well developed in a concrete region and large national companies. All depends on the segment of market, which the directed organization is on. Us, first of all, direct not activity of such companies, but their suggestions, will interest to the potential workers, specialists in this sphere, and more precisely, level of payment, system of payment (rate, rate plus percents, percents or other) compensative package et cetera.

Understanding with a situation in a company, it is possible to embark on creation of skilled strategy on the next year of activity of manager from a personnel, and in future on her basis and skilled budget. What does skilled strategy consist of? And what is based on she?

2. Skilled strategy

Foremost it should be said, that skilled strategy is based only on general strategy of development of company and no time can not to her contradict. In addition, she must answer a mission and values of company. If a mission and values is not, then the first point in strategy of department from a personnel - to create or prescribe them, and also work out and confirm the standards of work and intercourse in a company.

Skilled strategy must consist of next divisions:

· Selection, reception on work and planning of personnel according to the necessities of company.

· Adaptation of personnel - how adaptation will be new personnel which will come in a company.

· Studies and development of personnel are studies of new and present workers, and also creation of charts of development of talented workers.

· An estimation of personnel is a construction of individual criteria of estimation of personnel in accordance with the specific of company and every vacancy in particular.

· Creation of skilled reserve (especially in relation to key positions for a company) and work is with skilled reserve.

· Creation of the system of motivation - both material and non-material.

· Internal PR of company, increase of loyalty of workers, improvement of communications into a company.

· External PR is presentation of company at the market of labour, producing an image of positive employer.

After creation and statement skilled strategy necessarily it follows to present to the workers, to find out, and for what a manager is nevertheless needed from a personnel which will change with his arrival in a company. And if at the beginning the public functions of this man were wired for sound only, then now workers can familiarize with concrete measures which will be used for a year.


Thus a manager from a personnel is strong important position in every company and to the selection of such specialist it is needed to walk up carefully. It is important not only correctly to take away a worker but also prepare other personnel to introduction of such position. And even after appearance in a company a manager can not at once actively inculcate the purchased experience and skills from other companies. Extraordinarily important is to analyse a situation which was folded in a company, understand that it costs and that it does not cost to apply for an effective construction works with a personnel. Advices to the managers on a personnel.

Most leaders of new generation perfectly understand the differences of manager on a personnel from usual before skilled agent. And not by chance. One of the last researches showed that to 80% barriers on the way of development of market relations as or it is differently related exactly to the problems of personnel.

Here and resistance to the innovations, and unwillingness to be taught again, and lack of ability to work newly, and internal alienation from the aims of organization. All these 80% problems first of all brought down on the head of managers, responsible for a personnel. Clearly, that knowledge and abilities of such specialist must strikingly differ from ability in good time to shift the personal files from one place to other. Although it would be unfair not to do justice to кадровикам of old structure, at which documents were in the order, and people they hired perfectly.

What must know and able modern manager on a personnel? 3 - 4 back his basic task was a selection of personnel. It is not casual. The number of firms grew, as mushrooms after a rain. With not less frequency they scattered or transformed. On long and successive work into organization there simply was not time. A general situation some changed now. From one side, she is more stable. On the other hand, even those organizational changes which take place, realized othergates.

Many commercial organizations passed the first phases of the development, verifications of skill of the employees a long ago. Many collectives are more or less stable, possess sufficient human potential. And often this stability is included in contradiction with the dynamics of market, when a sharp turn is required in accordance with the changing state of affairs. Yesterday a firm traded mainly, an accommodation costs today, and tomorrow can be книгопроизводством will engage. Many leaders prefer even at such changing of general line however to save the kernel of organization, consisting of people well known and tested. New direction of activity requires new abilities from employees. Consequently, they are necessary to be regularly taught again.

Teaching in the workplace

On our eyes the new function of manager grows and gets strong on work with a personnel is a teaching function. From questioning of managers conducted by us it is necessary on a personnel, that many of them considerable time is spared to development and realization of own educational courses and training. We approach such state of organizations, which in textbooks on an organizational conduct is named "By student organizations", gradually.

Teaching to the teaching methods

Variety dictates teaching those new requirements to preparation of managers on a personnel. It would be unreasonable to prepare them separately under every theme of teaching. Much more effective to teach our managers to the generalized going near preparation of the own programs. And beginning is here necessary not at all from an on-line tutorial. A starting point is a theory of organizations. It is important to distinguish what can teach, from that must be inculcated in life of organization not educational, and by other methods.

"Steps" are in preparation of the teaching program

The chart of steps of preparation and realization of on-line tutorial offered below, certainly, is not only faithful. She only specifies on that an on-line tutorial is not completed with completion of teaching and closely related to the functions, drawings together positions of manager on a personnel and administrative consultant.

Chart of steps :

1) Diagnostics of organization

2) Function, compensated by training. A manager on a personnel distinguishes the group of workplaces, where training can be conducted on one program.

3) Description of aims and actions.

4) Description of basic problems.

5) Description of basic contradictions.

6) Translation of aims, contradictions, positions, operating on the language of on-line tutorial.

7) Choice of style of realization of training.

8) Preparation of educational materials.

9) Preparation of plan-chart of course.

10) Realization of teaching.

To the manager on a personnel useful to know that student organizations arise up only wherein there are student managers. Therefore our opinion is the most essential quality of manager on a personnel is his openness new and reflection position in relation to all aspects of life of organization.

Example of preparation of exercise Reflection in instruction to exercise of contradiction between the participants of co-operation.

At teaching of managers on a personnel both the ready are used and created by the listeners of тренинговые situation. The example of тренинговых instructions, worked out by listeners is here presented.

So, in the process of work it turned out with organization, that one of problem points of his activity was on co-operating with the employees of рекрутинговых agencies. Naturally, what a manager on a personnel and manager of рекрутного agency present different interests which under certain circumstances can enter into contradiction with each other. On the base of the real situation, discussed in one of groups, we worked out exercise for тренигового employment.

You signed a contract about the selection of manager. On this contract you must close a vacancy to December, 30. During current negotiations the term of испол-нения work is carried on January, 20. For this period the first candidate was ratified. However, doing some work three days, he retired. Until now a vacancy is not closed by you. On the terms of contract the return of 100% pre-pay is needed.

To it Your agency did not have a situation, entailing the back of moneys to the customer.

A new candidate appeared for you, which can come on interview to the client of January, 22. Today on January, 19. Responsibility for a failure to observe of terms of contract to a full degree will lie down on you.

You are a manager on the personnel of large firm. An employee is required Firm - Sales -менеджер. you appealed to the agency on the selection of personnel, contracted with him with within December, 31, stipulating description of workplace and requirement to the candidate. However, a contract was made by not you, and you him did not see.

One candidate was accepted on work and for him money is paid. Through extremely short time on good reason this employee retired. According to the terms of contract an agency is under an obligation to give other candidate (valid for one occasion replacement) to January, 20. Today on January, 19 and to all appearances an agency can not give other deserving candidate.

You must obtain returning of pre-pay in full, not violating business contacts with this agency.

If you will not settle this situation, for you there can be troubles from the side of guidance.

3. Basic processes which must exist in a company, from the point of view of management human capitals

In most which work at the market companies, the question of competent and system management a personnel appears sharply. Large enough money is laid in a selection, enticing, development of personnel. And these actions at 90% cases justify itself - promote efficiency of work of personnel, and accordingly and efficiency of organization.

The question of personnel a separate department (as it is mostly) or even separate man must decide. And that to do, if is not such man? An answer is simple quickly to correct this defect. In the first part of work we touched basic aspects from which must begin the activity manager from a personnel in a new company. In this part will talk about basic processes which must exist in a company, from the point of view of management human capitals which all control system by a personnel will be in course of time formed on the basis of.

If position of manager from a personnel is new in a company, all of it needs to be developed and prescribed from beginning, in fact not a single documentation is not on these questions.

Thus, if we embark on the first point of our skilled strategy, namely selection, reception and planning of personnel, we must create the row of documents necessarily. In my opinion, it costs to begin from a request on the selection of personnel. These requests actively use to the shot and рекрутингові agencies during work with clients, but rarely internal managers from a personnel, although to no purpose. Yes, on creation of such to the form it is needed to spend little time, but he occupies itself fully. In fact a manager from a personnel clearly presents requirements to the open vacancy and knows that it is possible to offer to the potential candidates. In addition, important is that this request a manager from a personnel fills directly with a leader which then asserts her. Such step in the future will protect the department of work with a personnel from the unnecessary complaining on disparity of the selected candidates to the requirements declared before. In fact if a request is absent, these requirements can several times change, something can призабутися about something simply can forget to warn. And at presence of the ratified request a department from a personnel will know clearly, that is exactly required from a new worker. Thus, if to pass to practice, then such request for us contains next data:

- general information is about a vacancy (region and city, branch, department where vacant position, clear name of position, date of filling of request and term of her closing, appeared, even submissions: who a man submits and who will be in her submission);

- terms of work (address of job, graphic arts of work, duration of trial period, payment on a trial period and after him, compensative package);

- description of position (basic functional promises and other nuances which touch this position);

- requirements are to the candidate (general information: age, sex, education; personal and business lines, knowledge and skills);

- circle of persons which make decision in relation to a candidate;

- except for principal items, a request contains, yet such division as notes (he can be named variously). Here it costs to write some special things, mainly informal which touch a vacancy. For example, features of collective, feature of region and, in accordance with them, wish in relation to the features of candidate and other

It costs to prescribe the chart of selection a next step in a company. It is bulky enough employment, but in course of time on the basis of this chart you will be able to create position about the selection of personnel. A presence of such position is obligatory for every company. If shortly, then in her it follows to take into account next points:

ь sources of search of potential candidates, and here it does not cost limited to standard are MASS-MEDIA and internet. Every position has the specific and very actual sources of selection. It costs well to analyse a situation and define sources which are priority for the specialists of concrete sphere. These can be the specialized forums, exhibitions and other;

ь methods of selection. Here it is also possible to dream up. For every vacancy actual will be different methods and methods.

But you must prescribe base which will be used exactly in your organization. Certainly, they can complement each other or mutual exclude depending on a situation. So, for example, if a necessary mass selection you here can help worked out ассессмент, with the certain set of exercises, questions, кейсів and tests. With his help you will associate with plenty of people for short space and able in an action to check up necessary for you skills. We mostly pick up managers this method. Irreplaceable, certainly, there is interview in her different variations. Also it is here possible to reckon the professional and psychological testing, which can be both part of independent method;

Ш amount of levels of estimation, which a candidate must pass. For us all begins from the analysis of executive summary, then can apply an own questionnaire (she is obligatory only if the controlled from distance selection is conducted), sometimes telephone interview (it touches the more controlled from distance vacancies also), farther interview with a manager from a personnel or Аssеssment-centre, then interview with a

Ш director and with the leader of department, a novice will work in which;

Ш general criteria of estimation of candidate;

Ш decision-making ways are in relation to candidates and responsible persons.

Аssеssment-centre is a method of estimation of personnel, which can foresee the psychological testing, professional testing (situatioonal tests), individual exercises, group exercises, role games, interviews.

According to created by you systems, it is needed it will be to work out a few forms. For us, for example, for comfort there is a form of estimation of ассессменту, form of telephone interview, geared-up is certain test methods and worked out кейси for every vacancy.

The next point of skilled strategy is work from adaptation of the accepted workers.

Here also it costs to work out and confirm a certain chart, after which will pass adaptation all accepted workers and those, who got step. Afterwards this chart also grows into a necessity for the company of position about adaptation and passing of trial period. It is first needed, at least, to work out "Package of novice" or "Book of novice".

The package of novice in our company contains history of company, organizational structure, internal numbers of telephones and electronic addresses of all workers of company, rule of internal order, list of necessary documents which need to be given and fill for employment. Every manager must decide from a personnel, what filling of this package will profit most.

It follows clearly to prescribe distribution of responsibility between the concrete workers of company for passing of trial period, and also criteria which will be a certificate novices, that a worker went a trial period and process of adaptation well.

To engage in all points of the worked out skilled strategy simultaneously difficultly enough, especially, if this load falls on the shoulder of one man. Therefore farther it costs to be determined, that is priority on a concrete moment for Your organization. In fact for you, possibly, already there is the remarkable system of motivation (both material and non-material), effective system of estimation and other. Then absolutely it does not cost to change something. Especially it touches changes in the system of motivation, they are sickly enough and difficult for a personnel. Therefore at first understand the existent systems. If something failing or, якнайчастіше is, some process is not far perfect, does not send activity of people in a necessary river-bed - embark on his correction.

If you decided to develop the system of motivation, it costs to remember two nuances:

Ш she must be based on the values of personnel, and self knowledge of values of your workers will enable to you to find correct exactly for them balance of material and non-material motivation;

Ш it costs to be determined, that for you in-process workers is major (achievement of result, meticulousness, attentiveness to the process which helps to minimize errors, disciplinary moments or anything other), and to encourage displays exactly of these lines or competenses. It is possible to enter not only encouragement but also system of fines after the impermissible for a company actions of workers or absence of the planned job performance are certain. Every employer must make decision, taking into account all risks and details.

Coming in a company, as be said in the first part of the article in a previous number, every manager sends out a feeler. Watches processes which take place in a company, analyses and determines, as far as high level of loyalty of workers to the company. If here all in the order, both an increase of loyalty and internal PR of company will not be for you foreground job, if no, or quicker undertake to business. Organize corporate measures, conduct the corresponding training and, basic maximally socialize with a personnel, to understand principal reasons of subzero loyalty and in time to liquidate them. In fact if such "submarine stones" much, then whatever budgets you spent on corporate evening-parties and training, it will not give a desirable effect.

In parallel, it does not cost to forget companies about external PR. It follows to produce an image of attractive employer for the organization, in course of time to take off the problem of lack of necessary professionals. If at the market of labour the name of your company will often sound and perceived positively, workers will come to you and offer the candidatures. It should be remembered that the image of the company you form constantly: beginning from that, how you speak by phone with candidates concluding the permanent representative office of company on the fairs of vacancies and presentations in educational establishments, profile conferences and other.

It is not necessary to forget and about such part of work with a personnel, as studies. First and more main all, that it follows to memorize, - any studies need to be conducted, leaning against the in good time carefully thought out system. Which one she will be, what main accents will be placed on - here all will depend on a specific and strategy of company.

In my opinion, it costs to divide studies after levels: for beginners, for the workers of middle level and for top-менеджменту. In addition, in parallel there must be another division: studies, which touches the direct specific of work and studies, sent to the personality height of candidates. Teaching a personnel is possible different methods, most widespread are training, yet seminars (they, usually, are used for the serve of specific knowledge) use lectures, the corporate revision of educational films with a further analysis or creation of corporate library, and also claim of lists of books, which a worker is under an obligation to read, is also possible. Who is responsible for these processes and studies conduct directly? There are a few variants: it can be the same manager from a personnel but such variant is not the best, as this activity takes away time from basic work of manager, it is possible to hire trainers which work in different consulting agencies, but their services are expensive enough, that is why the most optimal variant is to accept on work a regular trainer which will create to the program training directly under the necessities of company and will conduct all studies. In such case a manager from a personnel only coordinates work of trainer and watches, that she coincided with general strategy of work of company. And use services of external trainers only in case of occurring of necessity of the specialized studies or requirement in creation of the program of personality development for top-managers. If there is a necessity, creation of corporate universities becomes possible even for training of maximally skilled personnels.

Well and last, about what it costs not to forget, is the estimation of personnel forming of skilled reserve. In relation to that, when it is better in all to conduct the estimation of personnel, idea divided. One insist on that only coming in a company, a manager must do the estimation of personnel, to know, with what it will be him to work. Other, to which join and I, defend an idea, that it does not cost at once to put everything from feet to the head. At first it follows to visit this collective, estimate a situation to enter certain processes and after it to start the estimation of personnel. Basic rule of estimation of personnel - she must be based on clear criteria which are developed under every position separately and are based on post instructions. It can conduct an estimation different methods and apply different methods. As be said higher about other processes, the process of estimation it costs to prescribe in position. The choice of method of estimation depends on the specific of positions.

Objects of estimation :

Ш Psychological descriptions of personality (personality features and character traits)

Ш Knowledge, abilities and skills of employee

Ш Conduct (values, relations, opinions)

Ш Efficiency of labour

The estimation of psychological descriptions of personality often meets at the selection of personnel. The methods of estimation are limited to testing and interviewing. Quality of estimation depends on qualification of specialist, conducting an estimation.

Estimation of knowledge, abilities and skills more frequent meets at a selection and teaching of personnel. Basic methods of estimation are testing and trainers, rarer interviewing. However, for the estimation of row of skills, business games befit better. Quality of estimation depends on worked out of methodical base (tests) and competence of experts, conducting an estimation.

A conduct is the most difficult object of estimation. Used in all three functions of HR. The often applied methods of estimation are questioning and interviewing. Quality of estimation fully depends on worked out of methodical base (model of competenses) and competence of experts, conducting an estimation. Partly the elements of conduct can be estimated through such form of business game as assessment-centry.

The estimation of efficiency of labour differs in that firmly related to the business processes of company and checking system. In other words, estimation of efficiency is ordinary estimation, conducted on the stage of control of personnel. An estimation of efficiency is an estimation of implementation of personal KPI. KPI and motivation of personnel in the monthly checking system allow to get considerable competitive edges for your company.

One of the newest methods of estimation of personnel is a circular estimation or method 360 degrees. This methods it was begun actively to apply in the west in 90th of XX of century. At the beginning of 2000th Russian HR -специалисты began to adopt this experience for western colleagues, and now this method is the popular mean of estimation of personnel and for us. Essence of methods "360 degrees" consist in that the estimation of employee is conducted by all his work environment: leaders, inferiors, colleagues and clients . Also an employee can ask to estimate itself. However this methods of estimation are the separate group of methods of estimation is also interviewing and (or) questioning, simply complex and in a few new to the form.

The complex and quite independent methods of estimation of personnel is attestation.

Attestation" (from Latin "attestatio" is a certificate) is determination of level of accordance. Attestation is one of the most widespread forms of estimation of work of personnel, and more precisely determinations of level of fulfilling the of worker occupied position and (or) place which he applies on. The employees of most organizations with the put right management pass procedure of attestation, as a rule, one time per a year .

It follows also to remember, that we must estimate not only activity of other workers, but also constantly monitoring efficiency of own work and those processes, what of us entered. If something which very beautifully sounds in theory does not work in practice, our task - to do necessary conclusions and bring in rapid changes. Exactly due to a critical relation, foremost, to own work and to professional flexibility, we can own hands brick after a brick to build most effective control system by a personnel for our company.


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